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Slowly Making Our Way

Martigny, Switzerland seemed liked a great place to rest up and acclimate to the time change before we start walking the Via Francigena.

This charming community of 18,000 people of which 25% are expats rests at 1545 feet above sea level and at the base of the Alps. The hillsides are lush and bursting with grapes. The hills are starting to turn falls colors but the flowers are still happy and colorful.

Home to the St. Bernard Museum, a Roman Amphitheater, the La Bâtiaz Castle and one old wooden bridge (1823).A three night stop gave us ample time to explore, rest and eat our way through town.

Tomorrow we head north to 8,100′ where we will spend two nights at the Grand St. Bernard Hospice – founded nearly 1,000 years ago. Starting in the 17th century monks at the hospice bred and raised the St. Bernard rescue dogs to help with snowbound travelers. Today there is no need.

Hunters, pilgrims and Napoleon have laid their weary heads upon this spot high in the Alps.

Tomorrow five pilgrims from Nevada will be added to the list.

Images of Martigny…Postings and photos are all from my iPhone. Here’s my first attempt at loading videos. They appear sideways on my screen but play in the correct direction. If it’s harsh (or sideways) looking at it on a computer please let me know.

Burning Man 2015

New motorhome + new camp = new experience.

This year we did not have a planned camp. There were 5 of us in 2 vehicles – a 34′ RV and a pickup truck pulling a large horse trailer with living space.

Campers enter from the 6:00 axis – where you can then turn right or left.  We chose left because that was familiar to us.  Burning Man had only been officially opened 18 hours and we discovered tens of thousands of people turned left too.  It took 2 hours and a flat tire to find a spot.

Camp Burning Man 2015 Home Burning Man 2015

A perfect spot mind you because we met the kindest, funniest people and despite the 4 straight days of wind we giggled.

Perhaps the highlight of my burn this year was spending those 4 windy days making a Djembe drum thanks to Dr. Thelonious and his Family of Vagabonds.

and taking Fish Lips Kisses photos…

and volunteering at the Center Camp Cafe.

But in spite of the constant dust storm, did we ever have fun, including the margarita party in a 75 mph gale –

just look at these photos (click on photos to enlarge):


The End of the World

Rough seas and foggy skies followed us for 2 1/2 days from Puerto Montt to Punta Arenas, Chile. The water was breathtaking – gray and grumpy – making for good core work on the treadmill.

Fortunately, in Punta Arenas the sun peaked through the fluffy white clouds and the wind blew gently. The town is known to be so windy in the summer that people cling to ropes, strung between the light poles, to keep from blowing away.

Summer days have the sun rising at 3:52 am and setting at 10:53 pm – a balmy 45 degrees and windy. The cold temperatures still have us wearing sun block since the ozone layer is non-existent.

We sailed through the Straits of Magellan and the glacier capped Beagle Passage which lead us to Ushuaia, Argentina on Christmas Day. Known as the End of the World. It is the most southerly town in the world. The air is crisp and the scenery stunning – where snow capped mountains meet the cold Pacific-ish.

Tomorrow we’ll sail around Cape Horn on our way to the Falkland Islands where penguins rule!

Our hearts are heavy today and the world is just too large for we are half a world away from our dear friends who lost their husband and father last night and we a close friend and partner. We will miss you Scott. What an honor to call you “Friend”.