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Around the World in 72 days

By the numbers:

72 days from Reno, Nevada west to Charleston, South Carolina.

39 beds

27 flights and approx. 40,000 miles

24 trains

23 countries

10 buses

9 boats

numerous taxi’s


1 camel



*photo – A bit of home in Frankfurt, Germany


An evening in Hong Kong

It’s been 18 years since our last trip to Hong Kong – this our third time.

We had marveled at the traffic on Victoria Harbor watching as hoards of ships, ferries and a few remaining junks crisscrossed with harmony and the night skyline lit up like a carnival.

This time we splurged and stayed on the 103rd floor in the Ritz Carlton on Kowloon – the highest hotel and bar (118th floor) in the world. Where the price of a cocktail paralleled the view. The skyline still an exposition.

The traditional junks have since left and been replaced by imitation tourist boats yet still beautiful in their design. A grand reclamation project on the harbor front mars the skyline and jeopardizes the front row seat had by premier hotels and businesses. Progress?

It’s great to be back if only for a night….