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Photo of the Day 177

Day 177Balancing Act.

Literally and/or figuratively…

bal·anc·ing act  noun  1. an action or activity that requires a delicate balance between different situations or requirements.
Yesterday we lost power to our house lasting 24 hours – no way to get the car out of the garage – no internet – no photo of the day – no big deal.  Last night – 90 degrees – high humidity – no wind, no fans, no escape.
Today, in hindsight it all seems insignificant, petty and selfish.
A mental balancing act.

Day 151

Pulled Rickshaw Driver in Kolkata.

My heart aches for this man.  He stares ahead while a family of three (husband, wife and 4 year old child) load into his rickshaw.  Only the child is smaller than him.  With muscles taut, sweat beading, barefoot and his sheer willpower he will pull this family to their destination earning only pennies for his efforts.