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Camino de Santiago Portugues Day 2

Today was our 2nd first day. 4 days ago we started the Camino only to be waylayed by the rain and flooding.

We moved to higher ground and started again today in Tomar. A quaint town with a UNESCO World Heritage Site – Templar Castle and Convent de Cristo.

Portugal is in bloom – limes, oranges, loquats, calla lillies, roses, bottle brush, fushias, poppies, lemons, figs, grapefruit, daisies, pansies, birds of paradise, carnations, iris and numerous more….

If we weren’t walking on pavement we were walking in mud. Tip toeing around trying to find the driest areas. The previous rain still seeping out of the earth.

We marveled in the beautiful weather, breathtaking scenery and  camaraderie. 

Ultimately, it kicked our asses! 

45,162 steps – 19.11 miles.

Tomorrow is our first second day.

T Minus 1

ReadyThis May we are celebrating Bill’s 70th birthday by walking the 616 kilometer Camino de Portuguese.

In typical Zig Zagging fashion we are taking the long way to get there – presenting fashion conundrum #1 – the items I pack for the Camino are not necessarily what I want to be seen in outside the Camino…

My whole life (minus food and lodging) needs fit into a 28 liter daypack.

The work-around plan was to pack a small secondary bag with suitable travel clothes which would conveniently be left in the hotel before needing to scale down.

However, as the departure date nears I’m throwing fashion out the door – checking my ego (right) and opting for the “I don’t give a shit” look.  Something like that happened 8 years ago when I ditched blonde hair for gray.  It was so freeing – perhaps another evolution.

How to simplify ones life into 28 liters:

The daypack is something I picked up in Salamanca, Spain 3 years ago the day before we left to walk the Camino de Santiago.  It was the only pack in the store – a simple decision.

Included: 1 down shirt, 1 Icebreaker Zone Long Sleeve Half Zip, 1REI Smartwool Long Sleeve Top, 2 short sleeved shirts, 2 Target tank tops, 1 pair of Nike Rival Shorts, 1 Patagonia Tech Fishing Skort, 1 pair of Lululemon Studio Pants , a pair of leggings, Altra Zero Drop Running Shoe, Crocs, undies, toiletries, silk sleeping sack, head lamp, poncho, hat and my new FishLipsKisses stickers.

Total pack weight – a whooping 13.5 pounds. Bill’s pack – 25 pounds.  Look like we’ll be eating Wheaties for breakfast.

We’ll see what wins out in the coming weeks – my cleanliness phobia (Clorox wipes, baby wipes and hand sanitizer = poundage) or embrace the cooties!

The handy iPhone 6 will be my camera and blogging machine.

Stay tuned……