Early 2022:

WOW does time fly or what?  Someone said years ago “Life is like a roll of toilet paper.  The closer you get to the end the faster it goes.”

So let’s start off by saying that my top three life altering events (Paige’s life) outside of the miracle of having children and grandchildren are: Walking the Camino de Santiago – the whole thing (no short cuts – no cheating), at least one week one time at Burningman and now going on the Great Walk of Africa.

So as you start to plan life after Covid consider one (or all of) those.

Zigzagging already.  January –  historic Charleston, South Carolina.  Soaking in the grandbabies. February back to Nevada. March bought a 100 year old house.  Rehab time!  End of March back to Charleston and then road trip in a 26′ U-haul to Montana.

Crazy but we do not have international travel plans as of yet.  We’re talking about going to our old stomping grounds in Baja Sur, Mexico in spring because they haven’t lost their minds about Covid.

Bill has a HUGE adventure planned going thousands of miles across Central Asia.  To pull this off Covid must be a thing of the past – no restrictions allowed. It’s going to be hard enough just pulling off getting visas.

So for now we’ll zigzag across the USA.

Stay tuned…


Our babysitting gig was up so we headed to Nevada for a month, 6 weeks in Hawaii and Charleston for a month on the move again at the end of April.

From then on we literally zigzagged every month back and forth between Northern Nevada and Charleston, South Carolina until August when we flew to Nairobi.

As you know by now from following the blog we did the “Great Walk of Africa”.  A 100 mile trek across Tsavo West and Tsavo East.  It was incredible. A absolute must.  Read to blog to found out all about it.

We explored Kenya and Tanzania for two months. Fabulous.

Spent the rest of the year in Nevada and South Carolina with a week long family trip to West Palm Beach for my big 60.


So we didn’t make it Far East in 2019.  Instead we went to South and Central America.  That was a cluster.  You can read about in our blog posts.

2020 was a year for the record books. We had a three day a week job babysitting our twin granddaughters and was back up sitter for our other grand daughter. Covid kept us in Charleston the whole year minus a month selling our house in Southern California and visiting our tiny home “Mona” in Northern Nevada.  We won’t talk about politics….

We are lucky and grateful human beings.


What a winter huh?  This year we’re trying to stay in the USA for a length of time so that we are available to deploy with the American Red Cross.

Latter this year we’re heading east – far east.

Stay tuned….


We’ve got the West and East Coast of the United States covered. Moving around to find the sun.

The Via Francigena felt the pitter patter of our feet as we walked from the Grand St. Bernard pass in Switzerland to Rome, Italy. It was challenging and breathtaking.


Big changes – large and small (that blog will come later when we settle down – HA!).

Paige volunteered in Florida with the American Red Cross for Hurricane Irma.

And – It’s another ’round the world extravaganza. As of October we’ve explored 15 more countries and we’re still on the move…


After 12 years of home ownership in Baja and with a heavy heart we handed the keys over to a couple from Colorado.

Charleston, South Carolina became our East Coast base – Northern NV is still what we consider “home” and the world… our stomping grounds.

We managed to explore 14 countries, walk the Camino de Santiago Portuguese from Lisbon, Portugal to Santiago de Compostela, Spain and Bill celebrated a milestone birthday.


We “call” Nevada and Baja California Sur home – however, we are citizens of the world.

In the USA we are Disaster Action Team volunteers for the American Red Cross and deployed to help out in Hurricane Irene and Sandy. Internationally, we have been down and dirty in community gardens, metamorphosed into buffoons trying to captivate children in a daycare center, tutored and assimilated in a Women’s center, masqueraded as Santa, and down right stole hugs in Orphanages.

We started this blog in May 2013 before we headed out on a 8 month world wind tour..

After short stops in Virginia and Dubai, we’ll planted our feet firmly on the ground in Vietnam.

First order of business was dropping off the generous gifts donated by our family and friends at a fundraiser we had at our home last fall to the DaNang Association of Agent Orange Victims – fulfilling a promise we made 5 years ago.

After 8 months, 34 countries and 107 beds we returned to Nevada at the end of 2013…

It was the trip of a lifetime.  We met the most remarkable people, ate every kind of food imaginable, saw life, beauty and cultures so different from ours. We went from sea level to 17,500 feet in elevation, walked 500 miles across Spain in 33 days and went from the Pacific to the Atlantic. Weather ranged from humid, balmy 100+ degrees to wet, windy 18 degrees.

Joyfully, we stepped out of our comfort zones with our eyes wide open – made new friends while at the same time missing our old ones.

For this we are truly grateful.

~ and in our true spirit we are off again…


6 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Bonnie McKnight

    Have an incredible trip, love each other and everyone you encounter…can’t wait to read about your adventures! Cousin Bonnie from North Carolina!

  2. Terry delVecchio

    Hi Paige! Veronica’s auntie here. She normally shares your posts and journeys with me and recently your Camino walk/adventure. I have always admired both you and Bill from afar after reading your adventures and the humanitarian things that you do. Sooo amazing! I want to be like you! 🙂 BTW, you are both so beautiful – inside and out!

    1. Bill and Paige

      Hi Terry. I miss you! Thanks for your kind words. We are having a blast. Never thought I had it in me to try and walk 500 miles. I think I’ve finally lost all my marbles!

  3. Terry delVecchio

    Hi paige! thx for your response. 500 miles!!!! U r insane! Did u start in spain? What possesses u?? I want just a little bit of it! WOW!
    Veronica and I are training for the AVON breast cancer walk the end of Sep – 26 miles the 1st day and 13.4 the 2nd day in SF. We recently did a 20 mile walk in Carson and it was a killer! Actually i just got home from doing 12 miles and I don’t think I’ll ever walk again! What’s your secret?

    1. Bill and Paige

      We started in St. Jean Pied de Port in France.

      No secret – I just do it. I didn’t even train for this. Occasionally I join Bill for 3 mile walks at home. I get bored.

      I am INSANE!!! Truth be told I can’t stand walking. Haha!

      Here the scenery is new and interesting – really beautiful and ever changing. The villages are story book.

      I enjoy yoga and Pilates – I am not great at them but I do love both. I think it’s because I get to lay down for a portion of the class – LOL!

      This is Bill’s walk – something he has wanted to do and since we are joined at the hip I’ll walk with him.

      I do feel an incredible sense if accomplishment every day and it is inspiring to meet people from all over the world who are here doing this walk for one reason or another.

      Congratulations for doing the breast cancer walk. Be grateful you aren’t carrying a backpack with all your belongings.

      One step at a time. It will help a ton to have Veronica there and all the other people around you. You will all encourage one another to go on! Take lots of breaks – put your feet up!

      A lady who owned a hostel we stayed in (she has been doing it 26 years) said to drink 2 glasses of red wine each night – the tannins in the wine help muscle pain. Good enough reason for me! She said 3 glasses make you snore 🙂


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