Slowly Making Our Way

Martigny, Switzerland seemed liked a great place to rest up and acclimate to the time change before we start walking the Via Francigena.

This charming community of 18,000 people of which 25% are expats rests at 1545 feet above sea level and at the base of the Alps. The hillsides are lush and bursting with grapes. The hills are starting to turn falls colors but the flowers are still happy and colorful.

Home to the St. Bernard Museum, a Roman Amphitheater, the La Bâtiaz Castle and one old wooden bridge (1823).A three night stop gave us ample time to explore, rest and eat our way through town.

Tomorrow we head north to 8,100′ where we will spend two nights at the Grand St. Bernard Hospice – founded nearly 1,000 years ago. Starting in the 17th century monks at the hospice bred and raised the St. Bernard rescue dogs to help with snowbound travelers. Today there is no need.

Hunters, pilgrims and Napoleon have laid their weary heads upon this spot high in the Alps.

Tomorrow five pilgrims from Nevada will be added to the list.

Images of Martigny…Postings and photos are all from my iPhone. Here’s my first attempt at loading videos. They appear sideways on my screen but play in the correct direction. If it’s harsh (or sideways) looking at it on a computer please let me know.

6 thoughts on “Slowly Making Our Way

  1. Bonnie

    I have been waiting and you have answered my prayers! Finally, I get to start an adventure, albeit through your camera and incredible dialog, but I will take it. Gorgeous photos, scenery and giggles. Love the sound of the water (and wind?) – and, Bill has shoes on!! Keep them coming. Safe travels and lots of love!

    1. Bill and Paige

      Thanks Bonnie. So glad to have you along. It’s been almost two years in the planning but so excited that it’s upon us. Can’t wait to get to the hospice tomorrow where all five of us will meet up. Bill has shoes on for the cold and the downhill (4000’) on the first day. After that it’s his flip flops. I haven’t seen him in closed toed shoes in soooo long.

  2. Astrid Grey

    Hi travelers,

    Had to go to the fridge and grab some to wander thru vinyards when the grapes are ripe

    Wonderful images, the church(!) and all;

    Your videos play super it isw only the first image that is off, but the rest just fineJ xo Astrid

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