Burning Man 2015

New motorhome + new camp = new experience.

This year we did not have a planned camp. There were 5 of us in 2 vehicles – a 34′ RV and a pickup truck pulling a large horse trailer with living space.

Campers enter from the 6:00 axis – where you can then turn right or left.  We chose left because that was familiar to us.  Burning Man had only been officially opened 18 hours and we discovered tens of thousands of people turned left too.  It took 2 hours and a flat tire to find a spot.

Camp Burning Man 2015 Home Burning Man 2015

A perfect spot mind you because we met the kindest, funniest people and despite the 4 straight days of wind we giggled.

Perhaps the highlight of my burn this year was spending those 4 windy days making a Djembe drum thanks to Dr. Thelonious and his Family of Vagabonds.

and taking Fish Lips Kisses photos…

and volunteering at the Center Camp Cafe.

But in spite of the constant dust storm, did we ever have fun, including the margarita party in a 75 mph gale –

just look at these photos (click on photos to enlarge):


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