Birth of a Vision – Our New Burning Man RV

Who knew at our age we could conceive….

We have yet to name her.  I was thinking Lizzy – Bill is pleading the 5th.  Perhaps you can help? One would think that after conceiving, nurturing and then finally creating life a name would appear – especially after looking into her eyes and seeing our reflection.

We sold the Pinnacle of Love after Burning Man 2012.  It was time for a new canvas and a newer motorhome.

February 2015 brought exactly what we were looking for.  A 1996 Pace Arrow Vision – the inside had been well cared for and rocked the perfect floorplan.  The oversized refrigerator and sectional couch were luxuries we hadn’t dreamed of – the outside was faded – crying out for some lovin’.

Having years to mull over themes and spending many a sleepless night searching the dark recesses of my brain looking for something unique to paint – I always came back to what was comfortable, cozy – images from colorful Mexico – Calaveras, Frida, sombreros and cardones (cactus).

So it began….

First – caulk and reseal the roof.  Next, Bill scrubbed and washed the sides with a degreaser followed by a primer coat of Kilz paint.   A clean canvas.  We were ready to roll…

Luckily we were able to work inside an enormous old metal building to avoid the intense summer sun. It was Bill’s perfect environment – a sauna! We got to paint and detox at the same time.  Our reading glasses continually slipped off our noses and the sweat dripped from our brow.  Bill was in heaven. It was the perfect environment to create.

As Heywood Broun said:  Sweat is the cologne of accomplishment.

I sketched for days using the remaining Kilz as my whiteout (perspective is hard to obtain without an eraser).  Whilst Bill and our paint angels started bringing this baby to life.

We painted from dawn to dusk using an array of semi gloss and high gloss exterior paints.

And finally she was born…

A special shout out to our angels ~ Kate, Darrell, Roxanne, Piper and Boo.  Without you we could not have made the deadline.

11 thoughts on “Birth of a Vision – Our New Burning Man RV

  1. pmaghamfar

    One word, “Awesome!” What a project you took on, that thing is huge! Love all of the colors and designs, think I like the skulls best.

  2. Bonnie McKnight

    Absolutely amazing transformation – very artistic and fun – great job! I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler so I am amazed. What about Rambling Rita? I also like Tess (don’t know why).

  3. Stephanie Mehring

    Wow! You two are so amazing and inspiring! I love the creativity that birthed your new fabulous addition! Absolutely Fantastic!

  4. Kim Chapman

    You two are unbelievable… Can’t believe how much time and work you put into your new Love mobile. When is the next one coming LOL

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