T minus 48 hours – Nairobi here we come.

Some of you know that flying is a white knuckle event for me. Much improved over the years I still feel some strange force like fog on a misty morning in the days building up to departure.

*stock photo- not mine

Yes, 130 countries and I’m afraid of flying. Actually – crashing.

Anxiety be damned. Power through it – have a martini or worse case pop a Xanax.

This time I am so excited to leave that I’ve even been talking about it. We have to – there are sooo many balls being juggled precariously in the air. Flights being cancelled – countries closing – Delta Variant – civil wars and protests…..

For now we’re:

Packed ✅ There is a strict 33 pound weight limit because of small planes. If I carry my 6 pound camera around my neck this is doable. Normally, a mixture of black, gray and splash of color are my go to items. Simple and quite effectively doesn’t show red wine drool.

This time. Beiges, light pinks, khaki green and creamy whites are what’s called for. The tsetse fly is a thing in Africa! I remember growing up hearing my mother say she thought she was bitten by a tsetse fly whenever she felt tired.

A couple of Google searches later and we’ve learned that this fly is attracted to dark colors. Apparently blue is its favorite color and black is its second. They bite – hard – through clothing and can carry a sickness. Sleeping sickness – as well as a bunch of ugly side effects including death when not treated. You didn’t have to convince me.

Covid test ✅ (waiting for our results – no time for delays). Like traveling to Hawaii – Kenya requires a negative Covid test within 96 hours of landing.

Countries for which we have non-refundable flights have recently restricted travel for tourism. No entry. Vaccinated or not. Covid test or not.

Covid, malaria, sleeping sickness and imaginary plane crashes… what’s a girl to do?

This will certainly be an adventure. Last time we left the country – altitude sickness, protests and a government overthrow kept us on our toes. This time we’ll get to experience new countries in the life and times of Covid and once again we’re going to be flexible like silly putty.

19 thoughts on “T minus 48 hours – Nairobi here we come.

  1. Don Silcock

    Paige, I have equal feelings of admiration that you are doing this journey and jealousy that you doing this journey….

    Stay safe and post a lot – 7th week of lockdown here in Sydney and I need distractions!


    1. Bill and Paige Post author

      Oh my goodness Don. 7 weeks? You have to be going stir crazy. I bet you’ve edited all your photos by now.

      We will be gone 2 months. The original plan was to go around the globe but Covid lockdowns and civil unrest ended that. We figured there’s much to explore in the eastern side of Africa. Which is not experiencing lockdowns and civil unrest.

      It’s going to interesting. I brought a deck of cards incase we get quarantined. 🥴

      Yes to blogging except the 11 days we’ll be off the grid. 😊

  2. Mom

    Remember one of the nanny saying “make a move even if it’s a wrong one”. So listen to her words, move, you got this sweetheart❤️

    1. Bill and Paige Post author

      Thanks Mom. I thought the tsetse was just a metaphor. Holy crap Batman. They are real. They are also immune to bug spray. No worries we have guides with big guns. I’ll have them shot!

  3. Joy U

    Bill and Paige, your wanderlust tenacity amazes me! I love traveling vicariously w/you…and can relate some of it right here in home-on-the-range!!! Sounds like some countries just don’t like 🇺🇸…! Sokay…there’s no law against the fruit of the Spirit☝🏼! (enjoy your journaling, Paige, laced with humor😄! Thy pen is “the pen of a ready writer.”📖🎚). Love, Joy

    1. Bill and Paige Post author

      Hey Joy. Glad you can join us from the comfort of your home.

      In hindsight, the travel restrictions have to be for all tourists. Right? Perhaps it was a USA website that specifically pointed out Americans for Americans. I’m going to research that and change the post if I was wrong.

      We look forward to hearing from you!


    2. Bill and Paige Post author

      I researched it and tourism is closed for everyone not just Americans. I changed the post. Stupid website I visited said Americans. I should have researched further. 😍

  4. Michael

    I am in awe of you my girl. So impressed by your courage and strength! May God bless and protect you on this journey. Hurry back to us. Michael

  5. Piper Schulze

    Wow! I am so excited for your upcoming travels and looking forward to following your travel blog once again.

  6. Louise

    Just found this and will look for more recent ones. Be careful and stay safe. COVID is going crazy here…..

  7. kim.chapman@me.com

    Wow!!!! Here you two adventuresome souls are off again into the unknown or beautiful travels…. Looking forward to all the pictures and hearing about your days ahead. Please be safe, have fun and enjoy and know that I love you xoxo

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