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First stop – Charlotte, NC

Twas a quick trip for snuggles with the grandbabies and catch up time with their parents.

If felt good to finally be out of the snowy cold.

The trees were showing off their stunning and willowy blossoms reminding us of the renewal of Spring. It’s just what the doctor ordered.

Funny little side note. I did all of our laundry yesterday but, of course, needed to wear an outfit to dinner. First bite of guacamole ended up down the front of my shirt and pants.

I rewashed them and threw them in the dryer with a forgotten tube of red lipstick in the front pocket of my pants.

Unremovable red blotches adorned my shirt and the dark jeans hid the red – for now.

Just imagine the inside of the dryer.

No long sleeves needed when our 15 hour flight lands in 80 degree weather at our next destination….

Spring – new beginning – a new canvas

We are now the proud parents of a 34′ Pace Arrow Vision motorhome.  Shiny (and I mean shiny) on the inside and fading on the outside – begging for a crazy paint job – our new canvas.

This baby is huge – so much taller and a longer than the Pinnacle of Love.  A road warrior.

The interior is a conundrum of sorts – apparently someones great grandmother had the honor of decorating this beauty – bedroom and bath plastered in gaudy shiny pink and spearmint floral wallpaper, valances and bedding ruffle wrapped – a dream gone bad.

As Dr. Seuss famously said “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”

Be gone…….  old granny bedroom. Behold…. new and vivid.

Monday – the bathroom metamorphosis begins…