Talk about Zigzagging

We left off in Maui, February of this year.  It was six weeks of chill.  Two weeks in Maui and a month in Oahu.  It was just what the doctor ordered.  It had been 11 years since we had been there and it will probably be that long before we go back.
From the time we arrived to the time we left tourists were coming out of the woodwork. Occupancy had gone from 70% to 98%.

It felt good to see people trying to resume some sense of normal. We were so emboldened by this that we became outright anarchists (well, the kind that doesn’t burn things down and loot) and disobeyed the elevator placards that said only one person (family) can ride at a time.  We let strangers in the elevator! Let freedom ring.

It’s been a Zigzagging year so far:  Charleston to Northern Nevada (January) to Hawaii (February) back to Nevada (March) and then back to Charleston (April). Return to Nevada (May) back to Charleston (June) and soon return to Nevada (July).  Phew!  We have one more back to Charleston (August) and then we keep going to Nairobi.

YES, Nairobi.  Can’t wait.  Total time stranded in this country – 21 months. A record for us.

Bill has been feverishly scanning the globe and asking me where else should we go.  My reply “Wherever I can’t get Covid”.  He stopped asking!

The only part that I know for sure is that after a couple days in Nairobi we’ll be 50 miles from nowhere and walking….  for miles and miles….  with men carrying big guns – for 11 days with no electricity, a shared toilet and hopefully our own set of sheets each night.  Yeah, yeah I’m super thankful that there will be dudes with guns but I’m really worried that each night when our camp is broken down, moved and re-setup we won’t get the same sheets that we slept in. Welcome to my world!

Our time is spent visiting family/friends, babysitting granddaughters, walking, getting our yoga on and snapping photos. We even celebrated Bill’s 75th birthday.

Grateful and blessed are two words that describe our state of existence.

I know some of our friends have adventures on the books. What do you have planned?

Snaps from Nevada:

Charleston Snaps:

12 thoughts on “Talk about Zigzagging

  1. Bonnie McKnight

    Good for you guys! Love to virtually watch your travels and, as always your pics are just amazing. Thank you so, so much for sharing your adventures so we can all go along with you from in front of our computer. xoxo

    1. Joy Uhart

      Ditto from Joy! Great pictures and story!!! Me, I’m going to son Domingos ranch above Wells for a for the 4th of July , his 50th, his daughters engagement and other daughters college graduation celebration!!! Be home the 10th. Have a “blessed and grateful” time in Nairobi too!

    2. Bill and Paige Post author

      Hi Bonnie 😊

      So good to hear from you. Thank you. We’re really looking forward to leaving the country.

      Bill just now read to me that South Africa is shutting down again. Hopefully we get to leave here. It’s going to interesting.

  2. Veronica

    Keep the posts coming, Paige! So glad to see hear you’re both well and happily traveling the globe! I LOVE to share in your adventures!! Your pictures are beautiful….I’m very interested in purchasing a few so let me know if that’s a possibility?! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BILL! SAFE TRAVELS FRIEND!

    1. Bill and Paige Post author

      Hey you. So good to hear from you. Thank you for the kudos. My website needs a major revamp I’ve been so bad about uploading new photos. If you want something specific let me know. Let’s talk. I’d love to get together. It’s been way too long. 😘

  3. Kim Chapman

    Beautiful pictures once again Paige and the flood gates have opened up for you traveling Nomads to once go out on another adventure… So miss you and yes you are blessed. Enjoy each day to the fullest which I know you do and be safe. My arms are wrapped around both of you. Hope to see you sometime soon. Hugs and Love xoxoxoxo

    1. Bill and Paige Post author

      Thank you Kim. Miss you. Bill is chomping at the bit to get out of here. Covid is going to make travel crazy. South Africa just locked down again. 🥴 Hugs and love to you. 😘😘😘

  4. Dick CONGER

    Paige & Bill, like you we can’t wait to get going. Just back from NY and DC and off to Michigan in July. Just got word our Rhine River cruise in August is a go, hopefully more after that. Stay well.

    1. Bill and Paige Post author

      Great to hear from you. We figured you and Claudia were going stir crazy. Good to hear that you’re traveling in the USA. The Rhine River will be so beautiful in August. We took a boat out of Cologne many years ago and marveled at the huge estates along the river. We have said a River cruise would be stunning. Have a great time. Hugs to you and Claudia. 😘

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