Just Maui’d – 25 Years Before and After

Today we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary.  Well actually we are still celebrating…..

Thank you Gail for sending us this picture from 1996.

We went back to the same beach today with a tripod in hand and snapped this:

Same beach – same time 25 years later

12 thoughts on “Just Maui’d – 25 Years Before and After

  1. Joy Uhart

    That was really nice to see your wedding day! And you’ve been “storing up treasure” ever since by divine design! God love ya😘(me too😉)

  2. Bonnie McKnight

    Special photos! Happy Anniversary! Keep on keeping on and just be you. Love and hugs.

  3. GailG

    Wishing you lots of love and best wishes Paige and Bill as you celebrate 25 years together. xo Gail

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