Day 12 of the Via Francigena

Tremollo to Gropello Cairoli – 8.1 miles in 4 hours

You should see us trying to communicate. In these small villages English is not spoken. We use a mixture of English and Spanish hoping something will click.

Last night at dinner we were trying to derive what type of meat was on the pasta. Resorting to sounds we all mooed. The waitress giggled and in perfect English retorted “Bambi”. It was delicious.

Giuseppe uses a translation app on his phone and communicates perfectly.I think our brains knew we had a short walk and shut down our bodies right out of the chute.

Bill said “Instead of posting photos of this day just tell people to look at yesterday’s photos.” Think Groundhog’s Day.

Rice fields, irrigation canals and cute towns.The mosquitos are back!!! If you stop to take a photo the flies and mosquitos will take you down and eat you alive. Especially by the piles of poo!Pheasant tracks galore.Beautifully overcast most of the day.

Life is easy peasy on a Pilgrimage. The guys figure out how far to go and where we’re sleeping. We eat, walk, buy cigars, walk, eat, walk and eat. Chit chat. Walk alone. Walk in groups. Simplicity at its bestWe now lie on the bed in the Hotel Motel Flower (no lie).

Our hallway tonight:Our hallway the night before:

Roxanne’s post and photos:

Another fine day walking through fields of rice cultivated in Italy since the 15th Century.

Irrigation canals

The town of Garlasco

In the town of Tromello

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  1. Bob Youssi

    As I read your story and enjoy your pictures I’m constantly reminded of the Costa RIcan phrase… “Pura Vida” which you all symbolize! Great to see what fun you’re all having walking as you enjoy the simple life. Love the pics of the 2 hotel hallways!

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