Day 13 of the Via Francigena

Domenica (Sunday)

Gropello Cairoli to Pavia – 12 miles and 6.5 hoursThe scenery changed today – large farms, narrow country roads and woodsy paths next to the Ticino River.Early this morning rice was still king and corn its queen. Shotguns echoed around us as camouflaged sportsmen hunted for pheasant.Approaching the noon hour we approached the Ticino River – silent fishermen cast their lines while motorboats scared the fish away.

Bicyclers ruled the road ande trails! Occasionally scaring the $h!t out of us.
It is remarkable how new scenery stimulates the mind and body – it’s like a shot of adrenaline!Hello Pavia and the Hotel Excelsior.

Ever wonder how we do laundry?

In the sink –Wring it out –Lay it on a towel – Wring again – Hang –Roxanne’s post and photos:

Harvested cornHarvested riceLombardy Plain irrigation canalTicino RiverPurple tractorPavia, a college town on the Ticino River