Day 11 of the Via Francigena

Nicorvo to Tromello – 14.6 miles and 7.5 hoursIt rained last night which made for a wet but pillowy soft walk on the grassy trail. The foggy sunrise was magical and just a tiny bit eerie.Quickly our shoes became soaked.

Once the sun came out our shoes dried out and our clothes quickly became soaked.Today there were two train crossings. At the first one Chappy became impatient waiting so he crossed the tracks only to tell us no train was coming….. blah, blah, blah.He didn’t cross early at the second train.

We met up with two pilgrims that we saw over the past few days. Simone is from Italy and Art is from the Netherlands. Simone stepped out and Art ended up walking with us for a couple hours.For those who have asked we have seen pilgrims everyday but yesterday.

Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson and Beyoncé helped me get my groove on. I wore my earbuds so not to ruin people’s zen however it was way difficult to keep from singing out loud. Walking in a straight line with a backpack and dancing without exerting too much effort is a wee bit challenging too.Tonight we’re sleeping at Hotel Dica di Tromello and Giuseppe is our hostRoxanne’s photos:Rice mill.

Welcomed soft road between rice paddies.

During a coffee break in the town of Mortara we again meet a Via friend.

More Via friends.

Italian tv time.

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