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Rita has a new home…

Burning Man and all its glory zapped us this year and we were unable to get tickets.

It wasn’t for a lack of trying.

We were out of the country on the sale date so 4 helpful people in 4 different states tried to get us tickets to no avail.

The STEP sale and the OMG sale were big fat zeros too.

Reached out to Center Camp Cafe where I had volunteered the last two years and learned that I should have worked five days – five days. That would have made me eligible to earn a ticket this year. I quickly offered to put in that time this year and was rebuked.  They had been down that road only to have people flake on their commitment.  Dang that makes sense.

Stooping to beg for a ticket on Instagram and everyone else who would listen was like a tree falling in the forest with nobody there.

We didn’t get tickets but Rita is on her way. She doesn’t need a ticket – just a parking pass and that’s all in order.

Meet Fede from the UK.  He’s now the proud owner of Rita and we couldn’t be happier.

So if you see Rita on the playa – say hi to Fede and take a photo of the gravestones – we left him a blank one to fill in.

Oh yeah…. please email us the photo.

Birth of a Vision – our new RV from 2015.

Making the Pinnacle of Love – a Burning Man story

As Burning Man approaches this year I am scouring the internet and circle of friends in search of a blank canvas – a “new to us” motorhome to paint since we sold the Pinnacle of Love in 2012 – after our last burn.

2007 – First Burning Man and motorhome.  The unknown awaited – so we showed up.

Just an RV

2008 – From the expansive dull dust of the Black Rock Desert – grows a community of self expression, color, creativity, personality…

and so The Pinnacle of Love was born…

2009 – and perfected – full on love blossomed…

2015 – Images of Mexican folk art dance in my head.

Por favor – send a little motorhome finding karma our way…