What’s in my bag

I’m often asked, “How do you pack for a four-month trip?”

Carefully!  It’s impossible to pack enough clothes to last 4 months.  

The only thing we check is our ego.  We never check our luggage. All of our possessions have to fit in a wheelie carry-on suitcase and a medium-sized backpack.

Remember the mix-and-match children’s clothing line Geranimals?  Created for kids!  An approach to which I subscribe.  Mix-and-match items where every top can be worn with every bottom create a more diverse wardrobe.

Temperatures on this adventure will range from the low-40s to the mid-90s.  I might look like a fool carrying around a down jacket when it’s 90 degrees but my coat also makes for my DIY down pillow.  I pop my jacket into my homemade pillowcase secured by Velcro at one end and voilà. My comfort item which I will use more than anything.

Shoes – what grief!  They take up so much space.  Fashion takes a backseat  (hence checking the ego) to what’s practical.  On this trip, I’m taking my Altra Running Shoes (stuffed with pills and electronic items), Dansko Beatrice clogs, and flip-flops.  I cringe.  

Inside my suitcase:

Inside my pack:

  • Black poncho – serves as a makeshift blanket as well
  • Lightweight Altheta Uptown Hooded Puffer down jacket (bought used on Poshmark) – the inners for my pillow
  • Super lightweight pullover windbreaker
  • Under Armor lightweight zipper-up jacket
  • Camera and gear
  • iPad and Kindle

I’ve been packed and ready to go for two weeks.

Then two weeks became three when we both got super sick and had to postpone our trip……





16 thoughts on “What’s in my bag

      1. Cathy/Kevin

        Love following your travels. Living vicariously through your pics and blog posts. Learning from your lists about the magic of packing.
        Get healthy. Safe travels. Wishing you Peace.❤️

    1. Kayla Bowen

      Don’t forget cards 😆 We are excited for you guys. Can’t wait for the journey to begin!

  1. kcgolfer

    First off…you are such the packer!!!! I remember our trips and how you helped me and I never thought that would work but it did. You have been sick??? I hope you are getting better and don’t go if you are still feeling bad….sending you and Bill lots of love and healing thoughts…xoxo

    1. Bill and Paige Post author

      You packed the best! I was all wrinkles and you looked like all your clothes had been ironed. I was telling someone that story the other day. 😃

      I turned the corner today. Hopefully I’ll be back to normal in a couple days. Miss you 😘

  2. Joy uhart

    🏁👏🏼🙌🏼👍🏼! (loved your “packing” info! What an organized layout! Will be very helpful to me😉! Hopefully this year☝🏼😬!) God bless your 4 mos.🙏🏼Amen😘


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