Life Happens While Making Plans

The Via Francigena pilgrimage had been in the works for almost two years – August 28th to November 19th – generous time to walk, explore and then return by means of a transatlantic cruise.In April of this year we learned our son and daughter-in-law were going to have a baby – the due date coincided with our walk.

Plane and cruise tickets had already been purchased and commitments to our pilgrim partners had been made. We decided to continue and make a plan when the time came.

Graciella was born October 8th.

Rome was five days out and the proud parents wanted some alone time. This allowed time to finish the Via, rest a couple days and fly home for some Gracie time.Oh, to hold a grandbaby. What a miracle.

It was only 36 hours after arriving in Charleston that Bill and I looked at each other said let’s fly back to Italy and get on that ship. The boat sails in 14 days…

The cruise took off from Civitavecchia, an hour outside Rome. We stayed near the airport and meandered our way to the port.First stop, Barcelona. We have great memories of our time here. I was particularly looking forward to seeing the progress of the Sagrada Familia. A Gaudí designed church. It’s a fantastical whimsical fortification – part adult hallucination part child’s mind. Within a year of the corner stone being set in 1882 Gaudí became the architect. He abandoned the original Neo-gothic theme for his own modernistic style. Rumor has it that the goal is to finish in 2026. This – Gaudí’s last project.

On the opposite end of the spectrum both in time and in design we toured his first commission, Casa Vicens. The juxtaposition from the start of his career to the end is a lesson in the creative mind.

The ship was scheduled to arrive in Funchal (an island just west of Portugal) in two days. However, a northerly storm with twenty foot swells put an end to that and we remain another day in Barcelona.

Tomorrow we head west, out into the Atlantic, where we will sail seven days to St. Maarten.

6 thoughts on “Life Happens While Making Plans

  1. Monica

    I’m definitely up for another adventure especially shared vicariously with you and Bill. Thank you! – Monica

  2. Cat.Kev

    You two are glowing in cathedrals and in the presence of sweet Graciella! Congrats, have fun, so we may adventure on with you!!

  3. Diana allen

    Life Happens is the perfect Title, your both doing things that most of us admire, Your Joy rings in our hearts, we miss you,but love knowing that your in control of your destiny, your baby is a gift from God that you can nurture and love, she’s beautiful. ONWARD!!

  4. Kim Chapman

    Once again have a fabulous trip you Posh Gypsies LOL Looking forward to all the beautiful pictures and hearing about all your adventure. Such love in the pictures of you and Bill holding your new grand baby. xoxoxo

  5. Diana

    So happy for you, we too have turned our passion for antiques into a non profit, were giving away all of our inventory to 5 diff, no profits, just sent off ALOT today, Gary cancer is still there but we’re still fighting
    , his chemo is so bad, he’s chosen to take a respite for some time, we hope to be out of Nevada lock, stock and barrel by summer of 2020, Gary may need to go into assisted living before ten, as the stress really makes it all so hard. I’m prepared to continue on with the elimination of all trust assehe, warmer weather will be good for us both, Again PROUD,HAPPY, ENCOURAGEMENT, WE OFFER TO YOU BOTH IN YOUR NEW ENDEAVER, LETS STAY FRIENDS FOREVER, LOVE GARY AND DIANA

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