A Roman Recovery

Today was our last full day in Italy.

After spending the day in bed yesterday we took the time to revisit (our first time was 12 years ago) the Coliseum, Forum and surrounding areas.We managed to accumulate ten miles on these weary bodies of ours. My heels are not happy.Room service, bed and Charleston by tomorrow night.

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Years ago we were bitten by the Wanderlust bug and the result was a serious case of “we gotta get out of here” syndrome. Pressed for time to see the world – we want to live it, breathe it, feel it and give back! So… we’re on the move!

8 thoughts on “A Roman Recovery

  1. Cat.Kev

    Safe Travels toward rest, relaxation and meeting your new grand baby!! You’re down to the terrific trio, leaving behind the dynamic duo 😀

  2. Bonnie

    Super journey and incredible photos – oh, and especially liked the commentary! Safe travels and enjoy your new grand baby. Thanks again for sharing your adventures!

  3. Kim Chapman

    All fantastic trips must come to an end but never forgotten and new chapters always open up. Looking forward to hearing about your new granddaughter chapter. So happy for you.Safe travels to Charleston relax and enjoy… xoxoxo P.S. Can’t believe you added another 10 miles to your already tired feet and legs. It’s a routine that might be hard to break LOL

  4. astrid s. grey

    auguri—auguri on your fantastic soul baring journey, simply incredible;
    thank you ever so much of taking me along;
    happy forthcoming grand daughter days; God speed on all your journeys; Astrid

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