Day 37 on the Via Francigena

Sutri to Campagnano – Friday October 12th – 13.1 miles in 6:10 climbing 897 feet. Shorter is not always better. To save 3.5 miles we walked along loud busy roads. My umbrella warded off evil cars until we safely made it to a quite path that lead us into town.We’re staying at  Hotel Ristorante Benigni.

Two more days until Rome.

Seven more days until we meet the new love in our lives – Graciella Faye.

Roxanne’s post and photos:

Leaving our Sutri apartment.Roman Amphitheater from 
1st-2nd century BC. Which way?After walking to Campagnano di Roma, we sat down to a fine late lunch and reunited with our fellow pilgrim from Denmark. 

8 thoughts on “Day 37 on the Via Francigena

  1. Kathy Whear Martin

    Congratulations on your new granddaughter she looks so precious grandkids are the greatest!!

  2. Kim Chapman

    Almost to the end of a wonderful and once in a lifetime trip/trek across a beautiful country. The steep steps reminded me of Viet Nam Perfume mountains…. Love how you got to capture the praying mantis. Looks like he was posing for your camera 🙂 How many cats different cats did you photograph on this trip. Seems like there was one almost everyday wanting to be petted and loved on… Your granddaughter is so precious and I bet you are wanting to walk a little faster to get to the destination a little sooner and to be off to see her for the first time. Beautiful and special times xoxoxo

    1. Bill and Paige

      The praying mantis turned his head to watch me. It was so cool. Most days there is a cat looking for loving. Lots of dogs but they’re mostly fenced in and barking like crazy. However, their tails are wagging so I think they’re lonely. Gracie is a cutie – so anxious to see her.

  3. flightmac

    What a beautiful child … and a great visit to look forward to!
    I LOVE the black and white staircase. Frameable!!!
    Y’all are so close to Rome and the celebrating-relaxing and reclining!!!

    From whence arrived the praying mantis?
    From outer space, or lost Atlantis?
    I glimpse the grim, green metal mug
    That masks this pseudo-saintly bug,
    Orthopterous, also carnivorous,
    And faintly whisper, Lord deliver us. (TO ROME … hee hee)
    – Ogden Nash

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