Day 36 on the Via Francigena

Vertalla to Sutri – Thursday October 11th – 16.8 miles in 8:40 and we climbed 1375 feetHard to believe that a day that starts with a rainbow turns out to be nuts literally and figuratively.If we weren’t walking through a slippery, muddy rain forest with lots of obstacles we were walking thru miles of nut trees.Bill twisted a muscle in his back so we hired Bags-Free to transport his pack from hotel to hotel. Chappy quickly decided that was a great idea and signed up too. I have to admit I loaded Bill’s pack with my clothes so that I could carry a lighter load.There were spills and thrills today – not all for the faint of heart.

Darrell – Don’t drink the water here or you’ll get Giardino.

We’re staying at B&B Caseta di Vicolo Corto. The beds are so comfy and the place is beautiful. We actually have our own apartment and it’s new, clean and fabulous.

Roxanne’s post and photos:

Walked from Viterbo to Sutri.Snack at the base of a Roman tomb near Capranica.

6 thoughts on “Day 36 on the Via Francigena

  1. Kim Chapman

    Beautiful but very slippery and very wet!!! Hopefully not too many sprains, twists, and hurts… Terrain that is so very wet is so hard to manage and maneuver at times. Hoping the wine, good food at the end of the long day fixed any mishaps during the day 🙂 Nothing a good massage, hot tub and your own bed won’t fix when you all get home 🙂 Right???? LOL

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