Day 17 of the Via Francigena

Today was a zigzag…Walk then a boat ride across the Po River (with two fun Italian lady pilgrims). Walk again – then a train ride to Fiorenzuola. One final walk right to the Hotel Concordia.Right after taking the picture below I slid a couple of feet down the boat ramp and my phone went flying in the air towards the river – miraculously it landed on a small patch of reed grass and didn’t get wet.The boat captain took us to his house to sign his guest book and to get stamps in our pilgrim passports.10 miles by foot.

Our guide books said the walk from Piacenza to here is dangerous – lots of highway situations. We walked for miles along the highway on the Camino de Santiago Portugues because of flooding and agreed that this time we would avoid it.

The scenery is slowing changing.

We saw alfalfa fields today and also confirmed with a farmer that the beans are indeed soy (good call Cathy).

Roxanne’s post and photos:

Villa Litta Carini in Orio Litta

Boat ramp in Corte Sant’Andrea where the Fab Five crossed the Po River by boat

Captain Danilo

Walked to San Nicolo and took a 15 minute train ride to Fiorenzuola

2 thoughts on “Day 17 of the Via Francigena

  1. flightmac

    We are walking backwards to catch up with you, as we’ve been busy of late. Our friend Mary fell off a JUMP bike in Santa Cruz and ended up having a new plate installed in her left arm. So we are helping her out this weekend. We’ve been sharing your stories and pictures. It’s so fun to see this through your eyes. We get to feel the stillness, see the laughter and enjoy the beauty! So thanks everyone!!
    Love the socks, Paige!
    Soybeans. Check!
    Loads of love and admiration for y’all:)
    xoxo CatKev

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