Day 16 of the Via Francigena

Santa Cristina e Bissone to Orio Litto – 10 miles in 4.5 hours The misty cool morning and the presence of hunters brought a smile upon my face. Hills! There’s hills on our horizon. Just wait! We know they will test our stamina but we are looking forward to them.

This is what betraying the train warning sign looks like when you’re carrying a backpack.Improv on the Via….

We’re going up the Po Po

In a bo bo

In search of a bottle of vino

So we can take the traino to the next stopo

Along with the Rich and the Hones who are looking for ham con mayoThe crossing guard got a text message!There’ll be days like this, mama said…Tonight we are in another super clean donativo sponsored by the local municipality. The mayor, Luigi, came by to greet us.

Roxanne’s post and photos:

Green in Santa Cristina e BissoneMosquito repellentPheasant hunter near Miradolo TermeSidewalk cafe in Miradolo TermeCusani Castle in Chignolo, PoHostel in Orio Litta

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  1. Bonnie

    Love the misty morning. Sounds like you guys are getting a little slap happy – love your commentary.

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