Day 7 of the Via Francigena

Last night we stayed at the Hotel Ponte Romano. Our room had a king bed, twin bed and a crib. We have a grandchild due in a month and wondered if it was a sign. It made for a great clothes drying rack.

We started the day with resolutions to our clothing snafu. After three attempts by me to get the wine out of my shirt Bill told me to throw it in the shower with him. He removed the stain and is now is our official clothes washer.

On our way out Roxanne and I decided to look under the cars nearest to the hotel for Bill’s boxers. Roxanne happened to mention how clean everything looked and at the same time I spotted a public garbage can. Voilà! Right on top were Bill’s britches.Verres to Borgofranco d’Ivrea – 10 miles and 6 hours with our normal stops.

The temperature and slight breeze was wonderful if not for the humidity. We all experienced our own personal sauna.

The Via signage changed to fancy signs and the path was clearly marked except for one time where we had to read about the one kilometer walk on the shoulder of a busy highway.

Hillside terraced vineyards ruled the day.

By the way Italians do not stop for people in crosswalks and there’s some kind of fascination with Snow White’s dwarfs.

Roxanne’s post and photos:

The Fab Five are feeling the luck of the Romans today because this morning near the Pont Saint Martin 1st Century BC Roman Bridge Paige retrieved Bill’s underwear that had fallen three stories out the hotel window the night before.

5 thoughts on “Day 7 of the Via Francigena

  1. Bonnie

    So glad you solved the clothes dilemma. Love the VW with the blinds in the back window. We wish you safe travels and lots of joy!

  2. Kim Chapman

    What more can you ask for right??? Found underwear after falling three stories and in a garbage bin no less. Lol Wine stains out of clothes-you must of been drunk Paige… haha just kidding
    The photos are so captivating with so much diversity.Bring that car home with you it would be a blast cruising around in it… 🙂
    Stay safe xoxoxo

      1. Kim Chapman

        You know that Bill would buy it for you 🙂 … Just ask him, what fun that would be then you could cross it off your list! haha

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