Day 6 of the Via Francigena

Woot woot! What a marvelous day.

11 level miles from Verres to Pont Saint Martin.

The morning temperature was absolutely perfect for walking warming up as the day unfolded. If we could just hit the pause button on the morning thermostat.

The Dora River has the most unusual but interesting and unique color. We spent time trying to figure out how to “explain” the color to you and gave up opting for you to figure it out by looking at the photos.Tomorrow we will officially leave the Aosta Valley where water fountains (not like home – these are large granite tubs per se where water constantly flows out a faucet and is used for drinking and washing) are found just around every corner and there’s water, water and water – gushing, falling and meandering.Constantly finding ourselves with grins on our faces as we marvel in the sheer beauty of Italy. Some of the details… most homes have flower boxes bubbling over with color. If there’s space there’s a garden. Walls are decorated. The vineyards are geometric works of art. The old stone buildings (be still my heart) tell stories. Roofs are made with heavy and huge rock tiles – the best have some rusting around the edges. There’s so much more for later…Bill – Your kisses are sweeter than hône.

Austin Powers – Do I make you hône baby?

Bill and I had tiny snafus with our clothing today. I knocked my red wine glass over towards myself consequently shattering the glass and wearing the wine. Bill decided to dry his undies in the window and the breeze carried them away.Sadly the view from our room (above) is of a 2000 year old year Roman Bridge. Hope the actual white noise from the flowing river doesn’t keep us awake tonight.

Walking in the Roman wagon wheel furrows again.

Roxanne’s photo:

11 thoughts on “Day 6 of the Via Francigena

  1. Kim Chapman

    The oldness and it’s beaty captivates your eyes and heart. Your pictures Paige make me feel like I am on the trip with you… As for the color of the water??? It is weird but it reminds me of liquid starch that I once had for projects that I was working on… ok crazy 😜 but first thing that came to my mind… lol 😂

  2. Piper Mullen

    Lovely photos. I look forward to checking my emails every morning for another installment.

  3. Veronica Palazzolo

    I agree with Piper! I also look forward to my “daily” walk with you! Enjoy and keep sending photos:)

      1. Bob Youssi

        I absolutely love the way you play with the light in your pics Paige. What an eye and what a gift! Now about the color of that water. The minute I saw it I was reminded of the color of the water in a lake I visited in Alaska. It was immediately downstream from a glacier and the melting glacier leaves an ultra fine dust in the water giving it the silvery blue color. Thanks for sharing!
        Bob Youssi

  4. Bonnie

    Agree with Bob – melting glacier water. Your photos are incredible and I LOVE your commentary. Thank you for allowing me to go on this fantastic adventure with you guys!

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