Dublin to Waterford and on…

Pembroke DockTrains, busses and a ferry from Dublin through Wexford to Waterford and on to Pembroke Dock.

Waterford is the oldest city in Ireland – a quaint harbor town lined with pastel buildings and known for Waterford Crystal.  Invaded by the Vikings in 914 A.D. – a quick overnight for us on our way to Wales.  We stayed the night in the birth place of Thomas Francis Meagher born in 1823 who led an Irish Brigade to help Lincoln in the Civil War and later became the first governor of Montana.

4 thoughts on “Dublin to Waterford and on…

  1. Kim Chapman

    Quaint little towns are the BEST… So full of history and real life. I love them. Are you bringing any waterford crystle back with you? LOL Nice a heavy for Bill when he has a drink and cigar 🙂

    1. Paige Shaw Post author

      We did stroll through the Waterford store. You should see their chandeliers – they are breathtaking and pricey!!! Bill loves the weight of their glasses.


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