Day 30 – Tough day for Paige


Day 30 – 17.70 miles

I had a tough day – pain in my feet and ankles all day. Bill was a champ as alway.

Fog until noon – sunny an warm afterwards.

Stumbled on the perfect Albergue in San Xustain – story book!

Sitting at a table – books in hand – gin and tonic – surrounded by flowers – unusual for this time of year says the bar tender – should be freezing at night.

A cow herder came through with 7 cows soon after 3 men on horse back momentarily followed by chickens and a rooster!

3 more days!!!













10 thoughts on “Day 30 – Tough day for Paige

  1. Terry delVecchio

    I don’t know Paige.. How many times can I shake my head and say out loud, those 2 are the craziest people I know! How will u ever top this!!
    The pics are glorious! I can picture myself in them… That’s how amazing they are! Can u bring one of those horsemen home with u?? Pretty cute! Not that young .. 60ish will do just fine!
    My thoughts and prayers have gone out to the universe for u with hopes your feet will hold out for the next 3 days!

    1. Bill and Paige

      Your big walk is approaching fast! How’s the training going? Remember BIG glasses of wine each night. I’ll be thinking about the both of you.

      We have met people who are doing this walk a 2nd time – their crazy!!!

  2. Piper Mullen

    Spectacular web!!! Has Charlotte’s web beat, for sure! And the red and white hydrangea is so pretty. Are you looking forward to it being over? In just 3 days. Wow… should be so proud of yourselves. What a great accomplishment.

  3. June and John

    We have followed your every step and and are grateful for the armchair ride on your splendid accomplishment. Hang in there, almost complete!! Love, J & J

  4. Kim Chapman

    Almost there…. Can you see and feel the finish line??? LOL You will be basking in the bathtub for a long time. Sound heavenly I bet!!!! Love you

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