Days 14, 15 & 16 on the Camino de Santiago

20130906-183730.jpgDay 14 – walked 12.5 miles.

We took off a day between 13 and 14 and rested our feet, got haircuts and had a wonderful dinner under the Cathedral.

Shocking to us – on our walk into Burgos we saw Pilgrims on the bus! They actually waved to us and gave us the thumbs up sign. We did not see one person from the trail walk into town! What’s up with that??

Many Pilgrims start in Burgos – so the trail was littered with new people. The town that we decided to stop in was overflowing and the community had to open up the gym to accommodate everyone.

Flies everywhere – on our face, ears, arms, under Bill’s glasses, face, nose, face, arms. URGH! We should have taken it as a sign….

We got 2 of the last beds in the Municipal Hostel. 8 people in our room. 2 people sawed enough logs to service the whole town with wood for winter!! Bill actually asked me around midnight if I wanted to leave. Not sure what he had in mind since the town was full – the next town was 12 kilometers away and it was pouring rain. We opted to pack our ears with plugs and I down a sleeping pill. Ugh! I won’t even go into details about the bed and the year old sheets…

I think we are the only pilgrims without a guide book!

Day one in St. Jean Pied de Port we were handed 2 sheets of paper. One had a 34 day walking plan that showed kilometers and elevation. The other showed each town along the way and whether or not there was a hostel and service there. Basic.

Someone asked Bill how we are doing it and he told them Christopher Columbus did not have a map!

Before stopping in Burgos we deviated from the suggested 34 day plan and hit the middle towns – tiny villages not occupied by the masses.

So….. with that said.

Day 15 we walked 20.5 miles – trying to separate ourselves.

We started out walking in the mud – adding another 1/2 pound to our feet!

Remember how Bill asked if I wanted to walk a marathon and I said hell no. Does 20.5 miles with a backpack, muddy feet and 2 mountain climbs and descents in 1 day after walking approx. 200+ miles equal a marathon?? You tell me?? I think it qualifies!!!

We paid for a private room after the previous night – ahhhh.

It’s was another small town of about 150 people but there were 16 men playing cards at the bar and the local fiesta started. Carlos and Jesus were tending the bar.

Day 16 – Did I mention we had a private bath with towels and sheets on the bed last night???

Today (Sept. 7th) we walked a little over 15.5 miles. Started out rainy, cold and windy but ended up being a beautiful day.

Almost no one on the Camino – we accomplished our goal.

It appears that most churchs or “torres” have stork’s nests. Today is the first time we actually saw a stork!!! They do exist! No baby in it’s mouth!

We stumbled on the most beautiful 12 room hotel in an old family house in a town with only 12 residents – yup you read that right – 12 residents. The cousin of the duomo is helping out and will cook us a 4 course dinner tonight. There are only 2 other people staying here and they are Spaniards on vacation!

The gal left us a bottle of wine on the reception counter and ran to the store to buy food for dinner. The reception area has overstuffed couches and a 50″ TV. Oh and there is wifi!!!



8 thoughts on “Days 14, 15 & 16 on the Camino de Santiago

  1. pmaghamfar

    Fabulous photos! I’m pretty sure when we take our walk we’re going to have money in the bank for private rooms – can’t function if I don’t sleep!

  2. Kim Chapman

    I guess there doesn’t have to be any more 5 star hotels and fancy restaurants for you!!!! hahahah
    You can eat anything, sleep anywhere and with a ton of people I might say….LOL
    Not to mention a fancy car-who needs a car….you walk everywhere now….LOL
    Love you….only kidding

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