Days 11, 12 and 13


Donation did not equate to bedbugs!! Yeah!

The town was tiny – no restaurants were open in the evening so the hostels served dinner.

The local bakery donates bread to the church’s dinner (served at the hostel we passed on). All they ask for in return is for the pilgrims to gather in the street – announce what country they are from and then form groups based on their common languages and sing a song – any song.

The baker hand picked a few of pilgrims – slapped wigs on them and had them sing La Bamba while delivering the bread to the church. Of course, Bill was a perfect target – performing famously!

Day 11 – 17.4 miles – tough day. Our feet hurt – bodies hurt – brain hurt. We slept 12 hours making a remarkable recovery.

Day 12 – 12.5 miles – much better!! We can always feel our feet yelling at us but today was tolerable.

The sun shined and the breeze helped keep us from boiling. Fall is in the air. Slept another 12 hours!!! In bed by 6:45.

Day 13 – today Sept. 3rd – walked 13+ miles. Weird walk – started out straight uphill on jagged rocks and then on road pavement and city sidewalks through 2 cities – ending in Burgos. Trails are much better.

We used our points and splurged – staying in a real hotel with sheets, towels and A/C.

Taking tomorrow off – I’m starting to look like “the Donald” and “Don King” combined. We also need to rest our feet to gear up for the next 20 days…














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    1. Bill and Paige

      Thanks Carol. I miss you and all the ARC happenings. How are things going? The Ameri Corp crew finished in August huh? They were wonderful – I will miss them. I am sure everyone will.

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