Dubai – painted with a brown palette – the horizon nondescript muddled by the recent sand storm. The only contrast is an occasional grassy park.

Think L.A. meets Las Vegas with the beautiful Persian Gulf thrown in. Only 6 years ago the metropolis was sporadic low buildings hidden by the desert sand. Today there are high rises, cranes and continual road construction – traffic a mess.

Proud of their glitzy malls (the largest in the world), shopping is a hard core sport.

Burcas and thobes stand out amongst the world’s western dress code… the one sign we were in an Arab country.

While wading in the warm waters of the Gulf 2 camels and their driver appear on the beach like a mirage.

The hotel staff and taxi drivers are mostly from India – proud to be in Dubai.

Of course, the Palm Island is best viewed from the sky or a postcard as well as the Burj Al Arab (Sail) hotel – appearing more regal in ads and suffering from shrinkage in reality.

We did enjoy a gin and tonic and a glass of wine – commerce trumps customs.

Glad for our 24 hour stopover – we are happy to get back to Vietnam – my 6th time and Bill’s 8th.

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  1. pmaghamfar

    The saying, “A photo is worth a 1,000 words” really comes to life in your photo. The contrast of the sand, to the steel, to the camels…

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