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Photo of the Day 346

The Butterfly Pavillon at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Washington, DC

December 11, 2016

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Bienvenidos. Welcome to the Southern Hemisphere

But first – I’ll digress.

Unplugged – that’s what we are.  The first day was hard – a few anxious moments – a nagging urge to connect – a smoker without a cigarette – a singer without a voice – okay a person without a cell phone but hey it could be “that” bad.

“I’ll be damned to pay caviar prices for ship time wifi.” “Let the the withdrawals begin.” or NOT!

Reading, playing cards, sunbathing, watching movies under the stars, yoga, gym time and copious treks around the boats occupy our time.

Cabo Arch

The boat’s first stop was Cabo San Lucas where we chose to stay on board – nothing like stopping in your own backyard. Images of shopping lists danced in our heads – Home Depot, Costco and Mega – that’s the only reason one goes to Cabo. Right?

SarchiOxCartIn Puntarenas, Costa Rica we hired a driver to take us to the small town of Sarchi – home to colorful handcrafted oxen carts. To our dismay the craftsman opened a huge store and filled it with tourist….


The highlight of the day was a field of delicious blooming sugar cane.

Crossing the Equator at 7:50 am December 11th was cause for a big cruise celebration or so we’ve heard.

Today we go in search for the best pisco sour in Lima, Peru…

Pisco Sours