UGH! Photo SD Card is Corrupt

Hang tight. I have blog posts ready to send but my photos from my camera are unretrievable.

I am sick about it. I have to send the SD card into a company that will try and preserve the photos.

Wish me luck!

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Years ago we were bitten by the Wanderlust bug and the result was a serious case of “we gotta get out of here” syndrome. Pressed for time to see the world – we want to live it, breathe it, feel it and give back! So… we’re on the move!

7 thoughts on “UGH! Photo SD Card is Corrupt

  1. Louise

    Oh no – of all people to have this happen and pray it can be resolved. Guess you saw the email
    About paving the FSH parking lot. I told Joe to let me know if your car needs to be moved as we are in NC until Monday. Stay in touch and have fun

    1. Bill and Paige Post author

      Good news. The local photo store was able to recover the photos. I’m out of town so I haven’t had a chance to look at them but it sounds like all is well.

      Joe and Chris have access to the car keys. Thanks for asking.

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