Jambo and Hello Mombasa

After our relaxing time in Shella we decided fly to the city of Mombasa.

I personally wanted to visit Mombasa (as well as Tsavo and Malindi) to see places that had been the setting for books that I’ve read. It also has two UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Mombasa is a bustling large city with a population of 1.3 million. It’s the second largest city (Nairobi the first) in Kenya populated with locals, Arabs, Asians, Portuguese and the British. Normally our goal is to stay away from big cities but there’s always exceptions.

In so many countries around the world tuk tuks are a popular means of travel. If we aren’t walking to our destination we’re in a tuk tuk.  Blurred photos as we whizz through the town.

We spent time at Fort Jesus, built by the Portuguese in 1593-1596 to protect the port of Mombasa and the surrounding Old Town (both UNESCO sites) with buildings dating from the 18th century. Like Lamu and Shella they too have exquisite old carved doors.  The old town is  crumbling but part of the attraction.

Mombasa rests on the Indian Ocean and we dined each night at the water’s edge feasting on large lobster dinners for only $15.00.



6 thoughts on “Jambo and Hello Mombasa

  1. Kim Chapman

    All these little towns or places you are visiting are so full of color and look so much alive. It makes you want to be there. Why here in the states it seems to never look like that? Lobster dinner for $15.00 now that sounds fantastic!!!! xoxo

  2. Cathy/Kevin

    That Fan of Birds pic, though 💜💜
    The people look so well put together and colorful like the house facades, however, such a stark comparison of the impoverished housing closeup against such a beautiful and dramatic view in the distance.
    Safe travels! We love living vicariously through your romps around the world 💙🌎💙

  3. Larry Werner

    Bill and Paige, thanks for the posts. It looks like you folks had (are having) a wonderful trip. Paige, I love the photos and commentary. It brings back a lot of memories of when Marie and I toured South Africa several years ago. It was probably the most memorable trip that we’ve taken.


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