A quick overnight stop in Miami to go to Wynwood Walls. The plan was a night photo shoot and then a morning one before flying back to Charleston.

My mother worries about our adventurous travels and thinks we’re safer close to home. It pleased me to inform her that upon arrival at our hotel last night there were four cop cars at the entry and five policemen in the lobby.

On the way to the Walls a street was cordoned off with caution tape and multiple police cars. Out the restaurant window a police car slowly cruised by with its lights on.

Welcome to America.

It was raining when we touched down at the Miami Airport but cleared up on the way to the hotel.

As soon as we stepped out of the Uber to take photos the sky opened up and it poured.

We ran to a restaurant for cover and used the opportunity to have cocktails and a birthday dinner hoping it would clear enough to take photos.A short break allowed for a few shots but we knew the next day we’d have a better chance to stroll and capture more.Nope! It poured right up to where there wasn’t enough time to get to the walls and make it to the airport on time.

Such is life.

Next stop, Charleston, where we’ll hit the ground running finishing up our remodel and anxiously awaiting the birth of our twin granddaughters. Only two more weeks to go.

3 thoughts on “Miami

  1. Kim Chapman

    Another Day another time…for the Walls
    You did get some Fabulous pictures while in Miami. Hopefully had a wonderful cozy B-Day dinner with cocktails… on to remodeling which is fun and Grand-babies which is the best of best!!!!! When do you two ever REST!!!! I think that is Never LOL

    1. Bill and Paige

      Can’t wait to see the photos that I took with my camera. It’s going to be crazy busy now that we’re back home. You have to come visit us. Grand babies are the best!!!

  2. Bonnie McKnight

    Welcome home! I know your plate is full but maybe you can find some time to just “be”. xo

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