A conundrum of sorts…

Leaving Lima

It’s common to be asked by the airlines to show your flight itinerary out of the country you will be entering.

At the Copa counter in Lima we were asked just that. “Where are you going after Panama City, Panama?” To which I promptly whipped open my Expedia app and showed the gal we would be heading to Georgetown, Guyana. “Por favor. May I please see proof that you had yellow fever shots? It is necesario to travel to Guyana.”

“No podemos!” declared a stunned Paige.

Ok, ok…… so we were supposed to get yellow fever shots but the thing is there were none in Charleston. They had been out for over a year.

Bill thought we needed the shots and when he couldn’t find them he went back on the internet and searched until he found an article that said we didn’t need them. The power of the internet right. You can find any answer you want!

Well, you don’t need them if you’re flying from the USA. Not the case if you’re coming from South America!

You see Bill’s original plan was to fly to Guyana first from the USA but oh no Paige needed her Panama hat first….

So…. we have two non-refundable airplanes flights. One to Guyana and one leaving Suriname and we’re not allowed in either country.

Get shots in Panama you say? The vaccine takes 10 days to be effective and we leave on the 14th. You do the math.

So plan B is in the works. Columbia? Nicaragua? El Salvador? Suggestions?

Once again I contacted my mother to asked her to call Suriname Airlines (our flight home) and beg for a refund.

So much for having to show where you are going next. We’re currently flying to Panama with unusable tickets out of the country. Perhaps we’ll be staying at the Panama City Immigration Hotel.

Hello Panama

6 thoughts on “A conundrum of sorts…

  1. mm9249

    I love this adventure. Your photography and videos are some of the best I’ve ever seen you do. Thanks for this “trip”❤️

  2. Bonnie McKnight

    Oh my the adventures you have. You need to write a book! Continue to enjoy and what is your plan B??

    1. Bill and Paige

      Just booked a flight to Nicaragua. Bill thinks we’re going to drive to San Salvador in El Salvador. Not sure I have the nerves for that. We’ll see…..

  3. Piper Mulle

    Wow. Your bravery with all of these flight changes and cancellations, shots for bad bugs, civil unrest and various other obstacles is inspiring. I’d be in the corner shaking.

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