Day 39 the Final Day on the Via Francigena

La Storta to Rome – Sunday October 14th (Preston’s birthday – love you honey) – 13.3 miles in 7 hours 14 minutes.

The Fab Five made to Rome all in one piece and blister free.

What an experience! We’re so appreciative of our health, the ability to perform such a task and friendship.

Our walk today was…. well… you decide…. (photos are in order).Obstacles to climb over…95% was on pavement.We’re staying at the Vatican Garden Inn. Don’t stay here!

Roxanne’s post and photos:

The Fab Five have landed!
St. Peter’s Square, Rome.

29 thoughts on “Day 39 the Final Day on the Via Francigena



    Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos of your all-inspiring soulful journey!
    We are looking forward to your return to Indian Wells this winter.

    Love and hugs to both you and Bill,


  2. Cousin Renee

    How sad that the worst day was your last day!!! All the garbage!!
    Congratulations on your feat!!! We’ve so enjoyed living it vicariously through you all!!!
    Love you guys!!!
    Where are Darrell and Roxanne going to spend their month?

  3. Barbara

    Congratulations to you all. I can’t believe you don’t have any blisters. Impressive.

  4. Piper A Mullen

    Wow, you made it. I knew you would. What a bummer that your last steps were filled with mucho garbago! Send the pictures to their tourism department, haha.

    1. Bill and Paige

      Wasn’t the garbage funny. There was a lot more than I captured. We were wondering if everyone had to use them instead of getting pickup services at their homes.

  5. mm9249

    We have enjoyed every step (garbage not so much). Thank you for the photo journey. It’s been a pleasure and sheer enjoyment.

  6. flightmac

    Congratulazioni per un fantastico viaggio!!
    Dannati cassonetti!!
    Fab Five Finish Fantastic Feat!! No feet harmed:)
    LOVE, Love, love!!!
    Thank you, ALL!

  7. Lynette Hansen

    Congratulations! It has been so fun to follow your journey. My husband and I, along with a good friend, tackled 5 days of the Via Francigena from San Miniato to Siena and were just a few days behind you. We truly admire your group for going such a long distance. We were wimps compared to you: used bags free every day and stayed in hotels, not hostels. Way to go Fab Five!!!

    1. Bill and Paige

      Thank you. Some of us used bags free the last couple of days. We have met people along the way who started in Canterbury and can not believe how they did that. One man in particular did Canterbury to Rome in 75 days!!!

  8. Diana Allen

    Paige, kinda sad, I’ll miss you, but I’m sure your really glad, , you guys were made for this,!! Congrats on your picture in the magazine, see you sometime.

  9. Susan

    You made it! Much Congratulations! Thankful and marveled at every step you took with no injuries or blisters. You Five are Awesome!
    Sorry those last steps went the garbage route. Take Care All…..Susan

  10. Bonnie Rose

    Congratulations to all of you!! Thank you for all the beautiful photos and the chance to ‘be there’.
    Bonnie Rose

  11. Sara Groenendyke

    What an adventure with the Fab 5! Loved following along your journey. Fall colors here, Blue Angels spent a week here, and it is cooling down. Congrats to you all!

  12. Bob Youssi

    Very well done. Nice to see 5 friends supporting each other on a very challenging journey. The photos told such a great story and I’m going to miss them. The smiles at the Vatican reflect the enduring feeling of accomplishment that will stay with you all forever.

  13. Mirjam Kroon

    Happy we found this page . What a beautiful pictures Paige! Darrell and Roxanne, we where happy to meet you on the via Francigena! What a positieve vine you have Guys! Sorry that we didnt doend nore time togethet! Dirk and Mirjam from z Holland). We arrived at the same day in Rome.

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