Day 33 on the Via Francigena

Bolsena to Montefiascone – Monday October 8th – 12 miles in 6:09 hours – climbing 2079 feet

Lago Bolsena the largest volcanic lake in Europe and the belly button of Italy.

Another beautiful day. Today – my easiest. However, we all swatted swarms of bugs throughout the walk. We’re not sure if there was a hatching after the rain or what….

We are within 100 kilometers of Rome – which is a big deal. Within a hour and a half period we saw 3 different signs that said we were within 100 kilometers to Rome. What’s up with that???

Here’s what we saw between signs…

We’re staying at the Hotel Urbano V. Super place! Bar, terrace and sunny places to dry our clothes.Roxanne’s post and photos:

South end of Lake BolsenaOur Pilgrim passports daily stamp

Made in Italy

7 thoughts on “Day 33 on the Via Francigena

  1. Bob Youssi

    I’ll bet there are a boatload of mixed feelings as the end of the experience draws near. Beautiful photos we’re all enjoying. Great to see the smiles in spite of the rain terrain!

  2. mm9249

    So lush look like you started out in a rain forest and ended in city amazing day. Paige you seem to have an infinity for cats

  3. Cat.Kev

    I am a Fanum of “Made in Italy,” herding sheep 🐑, volcanic lakes, and curious if anyone got to drink the Est! Est!! Est!!! grown in those hills you climbed?!?
    What’s not to love! The Fab Five are coming in for a landing.
    Love 💕!!

  4. Diana allen

    I’ve really enjoyed your trip. Next spring I’m going to Greece and Italy with some members of our church, and 2020 is real, but I like 4 star hotels and luxury buses, admire you both.

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