Day 26 on the Via Francigena

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho. It’s off to walk we go. Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, heigh-ho…

Monteriggioni to Siena – October 1st – 13.1 miles in 7.5 hours and we climbed 1525’ (not sure about the descent).I was a bit apprehensive waking up to the rain however we had prepared for it by buying great rain gear. So – off we went.As I reached for my water bottle I remembered my sun umbrella which now became my rain umbrella. It also serves a a great tool for warning approaching traffic on blind turns – HA. Three uses in one. Not bad for 3 euros.Walking through the woods felt like autumn.A clay trail, that lined the edge of a large green field, was like glue – each step added layers of mud to the bottom of our feet. Step by step we soon had five pounds of mud to carry with us.We came upon Marcello who had a rest stop outside his home offering food and drinks for a donation. It was such a wonderful treat!The rain dissipated – the boys stripped and we carried on towards Siena.We’re staying at the Albergo Bernini. Super clean and comfy. It has a wonderful host and two terraces with the most spectacular views!Lovely Siena.

Roxanne’s post and photos:

Walked from Monteriggioni to Siena in intermittent rain showers.

3 thoughts on “Day 26 on the Via Francigena

  1. Cousin Renee

    We loved Sienna! One of our favorites.
    We would love to experience the horse race one day!

  2. Bonnie

    What crazy terrain you travel on! Loved the rainbow, castle in background, flora and fauna and most of all your pink umbrella! We live in red clay country so know what you mean about sticking to shoes. I have had my flip flops ripped from my feet before! Thank you for sharing your fun, crazy, peaceful adventure. Love traveling with you guys!

  3. Kim Chapman

    Wow I just realized I missed this post… I didn’t really realize how much rain you encountered and the amount of mud you had to trudge through!!! Looks like your treat of food for a donation was pretty darn good… I still don’t know how Bill can walk in his flip flops in the rain and also have socks on to boot… He obviously has it mastered LOL xoxo

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