Day 22 on the Via Francigena

San Miniato to Gambassi Terme – September 27th – 16.3 miles – 7 hours (no restaurant breaks just snacks out of our pack) and as a added bonus we climbed 2216 feet.Yes to the coldest morning yet – two long sleeved shirts and my coat. It took a couple of hours to de-layer down to a short sleeved shirt. By the end of the walk I was toasty in my pants.

Here’s looking back at San Miniato:Have you noticed in the photos that the sun is too often in my way? If we pilgrims could plan the Via we’d walk due South. However, the Via has us, again and again, going east and north. Everyday one of us bitches about it for a second or two and then we move on. It must be cathartic because there’s no reasonable explanation for the behavior.To spice things up a bit we walk on roads with little to no shoulders.

On this day the community offered super cool blister and cut first aid boxes.Hello hills!They look like rolling milk chocolate – plowed and ready to plant. And then… green.

Hello Tuscany!

The day was perfectly challenging.

We stayed at the fantastic Villa Della Certosa in a two bedroom suite. Chappy took the pull out sofa in the living room. Our host Theresa was the best – so helpful and kind! Felt like home.

Chappy finished off the day by getting pooped on by a bird – from his cheek to his shirt. Belly laughs had by all!Roxanne’s post and photos:

Walked from San Miniato to Gambassi Terme.

morning hit of rocket fuel

shades of green in Tuscany

shades of gold in Tuscany

shade in Tuscany

4 thoughts on “Day 22 on the Via Francigena

  1. Kim Chapman

    Love the richness of the Tuscany pictures… Poor Chappy with bird poop LOL It reminds me of other bird poop stories throughout my life. Great picture of you Paige and your pink umbrella. Very girlie and Like it!!! 🙂

    1. Bill and Paige

      OMG – when I was I. High school a girlfriend got pooped on by a seagull at the beach and I laughed soooo hard that I assumed I’d get paid back for it and lucky me – I’ve been poop free!

      1. Kim Chapman

        Funny you should say that… On a trip in Hawaii my dear friend Janet who you know same thing happened to her. A seagull pooped on her while we were laying on the beach. I was right next to her thank goodness I didn’t get any of it. We laughed and laughed couldn’t get it out of our minds…

  2. Bonnie

    The poop story made my day! Your photos, as usual, are incredible and the colors unreal. What a wonderful trip of a lifetime. Keep them coming and yes, I agree – love, love the photo of you sitting with the pink umbrella.

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