Day 20 on the Via Francigena

Altopascio to Ponte a Cappiano – 9.5 miles in 5 hours – Tuesday September 25thThe cool morning air allowed for long pants and a semi-heavy long sleeved shirt.

The winds were predicted to be around 16 miles an hour. Yay!After a quick walk out of Altopascio we were greeted by a trail – a soft and cushy path. We needed this.By 9:20 it was time to change into a thinner long sleeved shirt and by 11:00 I was wearing short sleeves.

Most of the day we walked through the forest. For brief periods we saw farm land, small parts of town and residential areas. The refreshing breeze gently pushed us forward and closer to Rome.We encountered two more pilgrims today – sisters from the USA. Today is their first day and they too are heading to Rome.You were right Troy when you said we needed a morale booster. Thankfully, today was that day. Easy trail, cool temps and wind.We’re staying at Ostello Comunale Ponte dei’ Medici. All five of us are sharing a room. Chappy’s bed broke – what do you expect for 20 euros?After lunch Bill and I shared the best tiramisu we’ve ever had and Roxanne enjoyed a marscapone parfait with gluten free cookies.It was a good day.

I assume we’ll be having dessert for dinner!

Roxanne’s post and photos:

walked out of Altopascio to

Ponte A Cappiano

our five bed hostel room is located in a turret over a canal

11 thoughts on “Day 20 on the Via Francigena

  1. Kim Chapman

    Looks like a much better day I might say!!! Some very pretty flowers to bring smiles… Softer trails for the feet and wonderful yummy desserts… Sounds like a good day. Only one glitch, Chappy’s bed LOL hopefully with all your great minds you got that fixed. Sweet Dreams xoxoxo

  2. Diana allen

    Hope all your days are bright and sunny as you proceed to your goal. I love taking the trip without leaving home,but you sleeping quarters are a bit cozy oh well, such is life.

  3. Pietro & Vanessa Accardi

    Ciao amici.
    Birra Moretti is not enough to lift the spirit after a day of walk?
    Keep in mind that after a year all the pain and suffering will disappear and you will be left with great good memories.

    1. Bill and Paige

      Bill walked 500 miles in flip flops on the Camino de Santiago Frances and almost 500 on the Portugues Camino. They work great for him. I think they would be tough for almost all others though. When we were on the Camino Frances there was a young man who walked the whole thing barefoot.

  4. Barbara DeWitt

    Clint wants to know if you had to pay for the five bed hostel room!!
    Love your pictures.

  5. Cat.Kev

    Rocky’s leaves remind us of a walk through winters woods at Yosemite.
    Happy cushy walking:)

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