Detour to Lucca

The only way to fix a flat tire is to pump it up – right? There’s lots of fresh air in one of our favorite cities in Tuscany.

Lucca with an Renaissance era wall that’s perfect for a bicycle ride which surely beats walking!We hopped on a train and headed south. It wasn’t hot enough so we decided to go even hotter!

7 thoughts on “Detour to Lucca

  1. Nancy

    I’m so enjoying y’all’s journey, loving the pictures and the commentaries. Wishing I was there
    Hugs to D&R

  2. Kim Chapman

    Love the nighttime pictures-it really captivates the beauty in a different way. Also the tunnel was really neat. Would love to ride a bike through that!!! What is in the bottles? Limoncello? xoxo

  3. Cousin Renee

    We love Lucca!! Have you seen the Meloncello? It’s made with cantaloupe. If you see it, try it. It’s delucious!

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