Side trip to Milan

Last night we stayed at the Albergo La Vittoria. Wonderful! Right next to the train station. Rooms were clean and spacious. Dinner was perfect.

Two different books we use for reference said the next segment was dangerous and had no shade. Tired and weary we decided to go to Milan and give ourselves a break.After witnessing the beautiful church in Cavaglià Bill and I thought Darrell and Roxanne might like to see the Duomo.

Hello Milan – the big hot city that you are. One of our favorite cities for shopping and eating. This time it felt so strange coming from walking in the countryside.

Roxanne took this photo of the two of us!

We saw, ate, gelato(ed), haircut(ed), ate, drank, ate and are going to bed quasi early.

Our hairdresser

We’re staying the night in Milan then hopping on an early train back to Vercelli to start the Via again.Roxanne’s post and photos:

The man on the bicycle stopped to read the obituary notices on the town bulletin board.  The Fab Five did a Bill and Paige Zig Zag on a $10 train ticket from Santhià to Milano to visit the Duomo Cathedral, galleria Vittorio Emmanuelle shopping mall, the Opera House and to get hair cuts.

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