A Day Off from the Via

A trip to the Matterhorn had been planned before we set off to walk the Via Francigena.

St. Vincent is known for it’s thermal baths dating back to Roman times.

Thermal baths and the Matterhorn make for a good day off. For those reasons St. Vincent was the perfect resting spot.

We luxuriated at the Best Western alla Poste. For those of you that know the Best Western in the USA you might not understand how the word luxuriated and Best Western could be used in the same sentence. In other countries Best Westerns are a step above the ones at home and most often are located in the “best” parts of town.

Sleeping in was the first treat and fried eggs the second.

The bus ride up to the Matterhorn- known here as Mount Cervino – offered beautiful scenery. Unfortunately, once at the top the approaching storm clouds obscured the mountain top.

Oh… hot steam and sauna helps sore muscles.

We found a new friend…

Roxanne’s post and photos:

After lunch Bill asked the waiter to please call us a taxi. The waiter said he’d be our taxi. With his apron still tied around his waist he drove us back to our hotel in his car.

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