Beirut, Lebanon

Scheduled a quick trip since the Prime Minister just resigned and we were not sure about the political climate in the country.  Unfortunately, our continued colds depleted any energy to truly explore.

The Corniche Beirut esplanade hugs the St. George Bay and highlights the beautiful Mediterranean – a perfect place for a stroll. On Beirut’s western most tip is the famous Rock of Raouché or Pigeon’s Rock which stands tall in the turquoise waters and nearby ocean front condos and war marked buildings stand side by side.

It is a tenuous time for Lebanon. The world waits to see…


6 thoughts on “Beirut, Lebanon

      1. Kim Chapman

        Yikes.. 11 days of being sick 😷? I️ would of just put my head under the covers and stop traveling for a bit 🙃 I am terrible about being sick. You are a trooper for continuing on come rain or sickness 😄

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