Hello Singapore

WOW – was the first word and impression that came to mind as we travelled from the airport to our hotel. Immaculately clean, beautiful roadways surrounded by luscious greenery. A city like I’ve never seen before. As we neared the downtown corridor phenomenal architecture appeared through the trees. WOW.

We were told by friends that either lived in Singapore or travelled there that everything was new – all of it’s history removed and the laws are strict. I expected a homogenous city and was super surprised to find quite the opposite.

Singapore was a 3rd world country – a seaport – wild, dirty, poor. In 1965 the country gained it’s independence from British rule and became a 1st world country in a single generation. Now the most expensive in the world.

Population 4,000,000 – 2,000,000 Singaporeans and 2,000,000 expats. The religious makeup of Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and Christian co-exist perfectly and have no influence on the government.

Home to one of the world’s busiest ports – it’s also a major transportation hub and tourist destination.

Most of the city was leveled and built from scratch however areas such as Little India,  Chinatown and Little Arab still remain intact.

The diversity of nationalities have created the best food court. For some reason wines from America were not available and the countries represented were sold at a premium.

We’re going back.  Generally we use Hong Kong as our hub but will use Singapore next time – after we save some jingo.





10 thoughts on “Hello Singapore

  1. Kim Chapman

    Great pictures once again. Nice to see you in one of them. Bill must of taken the picture LOL 🙂

  2. undividedcanvas

    These are some really impressive pictures! Even as a local, I realised after reading your post that it’s been quite some time since I’ve last visited all these areas XD

    I’m glad to see that you guys seem to have enjoyed yourselves 😀

  3. Valentina

    Amazing pics and very nice post!!My brother lives in Singapore and I have been there few times 🙂 I have never seen the tree with the umbrella,do you remember where is it?Thanks!P.s Have a look at my blog if you fancy 🙂

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