Tough start – torrential rains – narrow muddy paths – flooding and falls – lots of falls – falling down falls. It went downhill from this video. Soaked to the bone. The ground is saturated so everything is full of water – streams of water across the streets…

Grateful for lots of moments a long the way- beautiful views, fantastic friends, memories for a lifetime….

Now – all is good – safe and sound in Vila Franca de Xira. 

Tried to post the video but couldn’t do it from my phone. Go to Zigzagging with Bill and Paige on Facebook or paigeshawdotcom on Instagram to see the video.

#caminosantiago #caminoportugese #flippingrain #roughstart #flooding #photooftheday #photofrommyday2016 #paigeshawdotcom 
May 11, 2016

5 thoughts on “Photo of the Day 132

  1. Wild Wild Basch

    Hello Bill and Paige! I work in Vialonga and I believe you went across my workplace! Such a coincidence! Are you on the way to Fatima? I’m sorry I haven’t read your blog, I just discovered it now and read this single post.

    Cheers! Enjoy!


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