Photo of the Day 1

Let’s try this thing again!

It started January 1, 2014 – a whole year of “photo of the day “.

It was a love-hate relationship. Loved the creative process – disliked the daily burden of the “upload” – often having to find internet access.

So I took 2015 off and realized that I actually missed it.

Thus I begin again.

This year I will take a photo each day and post it – no old snapshots.

Join me if you want on Instagram using the hashtag #photofrommyday2016 and let’s we what we create.

Happy New Year

4 thoughts on “Photo of the Day 1

  1. Bonnie McKnight

    Gorgeous photo.  Happy New Year to you and Bill from Bonnie and Bob!  Hope to see you when you are in Charleston sometime.

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