Photo of the Day 168

Day 168We came home from the store today to find 17 cows and this little sweetheart outside the gate to our house.

Our home is in a residential neighborhood.

Much like the burros from Photo of the Day 164 and 126 – these cows wander up and down the arroyos, beach and streets in search of food and water.

Our neighbors have a large bucket in front of their house for the very purpose of watering these feral beasts.  A beacon…

Today the alpha cow dominated the water – ramming her horns into the sides of the meek and weary.

The burros are demanding – they eeyore, kick the bucket and stare in the direction of the front door when the water is gone – damning those responsible for it being empty.

We never tire of it. It’s quite comical to witness their personalities – comical until they leave – leaving a trail of meadow muffins…

Baja Sur, Mexico.



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