Photo of the Day 126

Day 126Momma and baby fighting over a bucket of water.

These feral burros roam the area around our house either traveling as a pair or in a pack of 5.  Mom’s pregnant again.


2 thoughts on “Photo of the Day 126

  1. Claudia Cinger

    Ola, are you the providers of the water? We love that you have continued the blog. Especially liked the “cave” paintings.

    1. Bill and Paige

      Bill used a bucket this one time to distract the mother so that he could cut off a rope that someone had placed around her neck. We were concerned that it was becoming tight. Our neighbors across the street provide a big bucket of water most days of the week but it is often empty since so many animals drink from it. Bill knew this was his opportunity to get her attention and distract her. He was successful! The burros finished off 2 buckets of water in a couple of minutes and fought each other for it.

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