From sea to shining sea



We noticed last Spring that our travels would take us from the Pacific Ocean at China Beach, DaNang, Vietnam west to meet the Atlantic Ocean somewhere…

Bingo! On October 24th we reached the Atlantic in Porto, Portugal some 10,000 miles and 24 weeks later.

Slept in our 102nd bed since leaving home.

*Top photos are from Vietnam – bottom are from Portugal.



6 thoughts on “From sea to shining sea

  1. Kim Chapman

    What an unbelievable adventure you have had. This you will treasure in your hearts forever. Paige if you come back only speaking Spanish I don’t know what I am going to do… HA HA Looking forward to seeing you both. Your B-day is almost here,,,,where will you be this year for it?
    xoxoxoxo Kim

  2. Judy

    How very fortunate you are to see so many parts of the world. Really miss you and have loved traveling with you. Where will you be for your birthday and how are you going to celebrate it. Can’t wait to see you!
    Dad & Judy

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